Industrial Training

Industrial Training Department is an academic department, established by Kenya Utalii College in 1984, primarily to provide quality in-service training that will enhance the technical and conceptual skills demanded by the hospitality industry both locally and internationally. The Department is vested with the fiduciary responsibility of overseeing the implementation and management of the Regional Refresher Courses and Management Development Programmes.

In carrying out its mandate, the department todate has co-ordinated the training of over 23,000 persons into the hospitality industry.


To Carry out In-service Training for the Hospitality Industry


To Build a Model Department of Excellence in Capacity Building and Management Skills Development in the Hospitality Industry.


To Improve Service Delivery by Providing Quality In-service Training in the Hospitality Industry.

Core Values

The Department shall uphold the following Core Values:


To be Honest, Principled and Fair, and to Conduct Business with Unfailing Commitment to the Highest Ethical and Professional Standards

Transparency and Accountability

To be Open and take Responsibility for the Affairs of the Department and make easy for all Stakeholders to Understand the Processes and Actions

Efficiency and Responsiveness

To Make Optimal Use of Resources in Addressing the Changing Needs of the Diverse Stakeholders

Team Work

To Create a Climate of Trust and Respect that Empowers Departmental Staff to Develop to the fullest by encouraging Excellence, Innovation and shared Responsibility

Social and Environmental Responsibility

To Institute Measures that Promote positive Interaction with College Staff and Protection of the Environment

Equal Opportunity

To Accord Equal Opportunity to all Departmental Staff for Improved Work Performance



Regional Refresher Courses

Management Development Program