Hotel Management

Hotel Management is one of the academic departments of Kenya Utalii College. It is responsible for the co-ordination and direction of all matters pertaining to the Management of the Three year Hotel Management programme. In addition to this responsibility, the department contributes in various academic disciplines that are pursued by different students in the college.

The Department also offers training for the Hotel and Tourism Industry personnel at in-service level for Managers (MDP) and other cadre of staff through various Refresher Courses. The department also endeavours to effectively render consultancy and managerial services in the various aspects of hospitality operations in liaison with the Business Development Wing of the College.



The programme exposes students to the operational intricacies of running a hospitality establishment. It also exposes them to the supervisory and management areas necessary to equip them with management skills. Within the three year Hotel management programme, the students are exposed to an intense, all-round kind of training to prepare them for work in the hospitality industry. Some special projects that expose students to leadership and management of events include:

The annual food fair

Group Consultancy Project (GCP) 3. The corporate leadership development programme.



The Department has packaged two Self-Sponsored programmes namely:

Three year programme in Hotel Management

Three Year programme in Events Management

These two courses are awaiting ratification by the Council.



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